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nanotech dashcam
NanoTech Dashcam

Nanotech DashCam – Product description (from producer)

The Nanotech DashCam is a wide-angle, compact, lightweight and high quality video recorder. The Nanotech Dashcam has been created to give the highest quality recordings without any problems. It features a ultra high quality speaker, simple record mode, reset key, camera mode, preview mode, motion detection function screensaver. Camera has a memory card of 32GB, and time settings. You can plug it into any computer, and one full charge lasts hours,

Comments and reviews about camera

“I have had my car hit a 4 times, because the neighborhood I live in is extremely busy. And I never knew who would hit my car, and I had to pay a lot to fix my own damages. My sister told me about the Nanotech Dashcam, and I had to get it!!! Ever since I had the Nanotech I was able to find the infamous hit and run man ;-)”
“This nANO camera captures the most high quality videos. Even when I’m not in my car, I know that my car is safe at all day and night, this discreet camera would be able to record everything.”

“One of my coworkers told me about this awesome camera for their car, and I asked them where they got it. They told me that it was online only, and at first I was hesitant but after seeing how well it worked. This is simple and cheap product and gives safety and fun”

Nanotech Dashcam technology

The Nanotech Dashcam connects to a computer with a simple micro-USB connector, which allows drivers to drag and drop footage from the device with minimal fuss. Small HDMI slot also makes it possible to play footage directly from the cam itself, a feature not present in many more expensive dashcam models.

The Nanotech is an innovative, easy to use, robust dash cam that offers one of the most simple and upfront designs .
The Nanotech is an innovative, easy to use, robust dash cam that offers one of the most simple and upfront designs .

Experts opinions from internet

The video recorder is a measurement device that measures the speed and continuous recording of the street view. Wide-angle recorders are installed in cars and you can record the route you are on. The product has good performance and reviews. Not everyone knows that dash cams are extremely popular in Europe and the UK insurance providers offering significant discounts to drivers who install a dash cam in their car. The best part about the Nanotech is that no batteries are required, and you’ll never have to worry about the battery running out while you’re recording.

Cheapest offer. Where to buy? Price

The product is sold over the internet.

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Price is in the range of: $39.99 – $49.99

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