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CMRA is a camera band

CMRA – Product description (from producer)

CMRA is a simple camera band with a self-facing and outward-facing camera for Apple Watch. With CMRA, you can take photos and videos with a tap of a button. CMRA allows for easy capture of beautiful photos and videos with the 8MP outward-facing camera and record a video message or take selfies with the 2MP self-facing camera. All content is synced with your iPhone when connected, and you can share photos and videos from your Apple Watch and iPhone. Thisis an Apple Watch accessory. It is a band with a self-facing and an outward-facing camera that attaches to your Watch, letting you take pictures, videos and chat from your wrist.

CMRA technology

CMRA capture 100s of photos or ~30min of video per charge, outward-facing 8MP, self-facing 2MP Sony sensors Compatible with all Apple Watches running watchOS 3 and iPhone 5 or later running the latest iOS10.

  • Size: 3.15L x 2.15H x 1.00W in;
  • Thickness: 0.41 in;
  • Connectivity: WiFi & Bluetooth 4.0;
  • Power: Dual charging dock;
  • Audio Input: Microphone;
  • Weight: 35g;
  • Storage: 8GB onboard memory;
  • Materials: Flexible, durable elastomer;
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-ion;
  • Misc: Splash resistant.

Comments and reviews about this product

“We have seen a marked shift in habits and communication patterns and all sorts of big businesses emerge and grow out of this platform, but what happens next and where is the opportunity there? This is the kind of thinking that drives the strategy of my business. ” (Forbes)

“Perhaps the most amazing thing about the well-designed device is the fact that Apple didn’t think of it first. When the Apple Watch first launched, the first thing many analysts compared it to was the fictional smartwatch worn by Dick Tracy, a device that had its own embedded camera.”(

Choose the CMRA size based on the size of your 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch.
Choose the CMRA size based on the size of your 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch.

Vatious opinions from internet

The idea of having a camera that is closer than our smartphones is one with some appeal. It’s the same idea behind Snapchat’s Spectacles and even part of Google Glass’ limited appeal. The mere mention of a camera on the watch strap brings up painful memories from the past of the carbuncle-like module that adorned the earliest Samsung Gear smartwatch. Thankfully, the lenses on the CMRA appear to be significantly smaller and better. CMRA is currently in the pre-order phase and units will begin shipping in October 2017. CMRA has been through rigorous mechanical reliability testing. The device seamlessly syncs with your Apple Watch and iPhone while providing you a connected experience.

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