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Product description: Elf Emmit (from producer)

ELF Emmit is a digital metronome which you control, choosing your preferred state of mind and body by allowing the device to suggest how your mind should behave and the rhythm at which it operates. Product draws upon the medical knowledge of the frequencies at which our brain works in different states of mind and encourages them to function at those exact frequencies.
Learning rewires your brain. Because of this, it’s difficult to focus, process or memorize information to perform at your best. With Elf you’ll learn faster. The super-learning mode induces an alpha state in which the mind is awakened, yet relaxed, ready to learn while retaining much more without constant reviewing.

Reviews and comments about this product

“Just used it on vacation. It helped me sleep and it really helped me de-stress on the plane. I wore it all morning. Nice to have this type of technology without having to put on headphones. Will definitely suggest it to my friends. I love it! “

“Elf emmit has been a wonderful addition to how I take care of myself. I initially considered purchasing it for concentration and learning. That was very interesting to me, but I’ve experience improvement in multiple areas. I have been using Elf for a couple of weeks now, every day, and I have noticed marked improvement in sleep and learning. Thank you! “

“I find it is great while driving. I recently drove (in a different LHD car) on little sleep for around 5 hours across France and found I felt sharp as a tack when in concentration mode…”


How ElfEmmit works?

Our brains and bodies run at different frequency speeds, depending on what we are doing. Problems arise when your brain frequency is not aligned with what you’re trying to do or to achieve. ELF emmit offers a digital alternative.

Now you can rewire your mind to connect your body to your preferred mental state. ELF emmit is a digital metronome that you control. The device suggests how your mind and body should act at optimum levels, as well as the rhythm at which they operate in tandem. Do you feel comfortable and safe using headphones?Great! Then you’ll feel comfortable and safe using ELF emmit. ELF emmit doesn’t require FDA approval, as it’s not considered a medical device. But the scientific principle on which it is based, PEMT (pulsed electromagnetic therapy) is FDA approved.

Experts opinions from internet

ELF emmit uses non-invasive and patented technology known as Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation (PEMS) which has nearly 50 years of medical and neurological applications and scientifically-proven health benefits, with it’s origins dating back to ancient times. ELF emmit helps you manage this stress. A lack of concentration can lead make us feel worried and anxious about the tasks we need to get done.
EM is made of non allergenic plastic. It is smooth, flexible and completely latex-free. Designed as a hair band it contains sophisticated technology. Please treat your ELF emmit with care and avoid unnecessary bending. Let it become your personal assistant for many years.

Sleep, Antistress, Concentrate, Meditate, Deep learning
Sleep, Antistress, Concentrate, Meditate, Deep learning

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The product is sold over the internet.

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Price is in the range of: 129 USD – 149 USD

Product information is from the manufacturer. If you are ill now, consult your doctor or pharmacist. The effect of using the cream may vary, depending on the person.
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